State-of-the-art measurement: Research and development at METAS


Research and development are important tasks performed by METAS. As the national metrology institute, METAS occupies the top position in the measuring chain and is charged with ensuring the compliance of products before they are launched on the market. For this reason, in-house research and development are indispensable.

Research and development at METAS concentrate on projects that yield results needed directly by administrators and policy-makers in their work. In addition, METAS thereby provides Swiss industry and research with the requisite, internationally recognised metrological infrastructure.

METAS’s research and development strategy focuses on three areas:

This involves metrological research that helps to attain goals in the areas of health, safety, energy and the environment. Here, the issues to be investigated are largely determined by the requirements of policy-makers and administrators. The results ensure, for example, that adherence to legally prescribed threshold values for the protection of people and the environment can be reliably monitored. 

Scientific and technological progress constantly poses new challenges for metrology and its fundamental principles. METAS’s calibration and measuring facilities have to be kept up to date at all times. The focus is on fields that are of great importance for the Swiss economy, such as micro and nano technology, chemistry, biotechnology, telecommunications and sensors. 

The International System of Units (SI) needs to reflect the state of the art of scientific knowledge and be adapted to technological developments and demands. METAS conducts basic metrological research in selected areas, thereby making its own contribution to the ongoing development of the SI. 

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