Sending instruments to METAS

Instructions for clients exporting goods temporarily to Switzerland which will be returned to you afterwards

If you intend to send goods temporarily to Switzerland (for calibration, testing etc.) and if these goods need to be returned to you afterwards, you are asked to observe the following instructions. Otherwise, high costs for customs and tax are likely to arise, especially in case of ex-pensive equipment.

Please send your goods strictly according to Incoterms® 2010 DDP 3003 Bern (all inclusive).

In order to reduce your shipping costs, we advice you to give your shipping company the explicit instruction to establish a customs clearance pass by Swiss Customs when importing the goods to Switzerland. But please be aware that not all companies offer this service.

Should the cost for establishing AND clearing the customs clearance pass (charge varies among shipping companies) be above 8 % of the value of goods, a clearance pass can be omitted. The Swiss value added tax of 8 % will be charged whose cost are in this case be-low of those of a clearance pass.

In order to issue a clearance pass, your shipping company needs a shipping invoice which has to be issued by yourself as the owner of the goods. It is expected to include:

  • a list of all items with their individual serial number
  • a true indication of their value
  • remark for temporary importation into Switzerland for calibration/testing
  • remark issue customs clearance pass (in case this applies)
  • remark Incoterms® DDP 3003 Bern (all inclusive)
  • Please pack this shipping invoice as well as the order into the consignment.

Please use a Carnet ATA only for interlaboratory test and not for calibrations since the instrument will be engineered.

Please name on the delivery note your customer number with the shipping company in order to allow as returning the goods according to Incoterms® 2010 EXW.

If METAS has to bear costs for transportation and/or customs due to unclear or incomplete declaration or faulty handling by a third party, METAS will bill these costs to the costumors as follows:

  • Dispatching lump sum for clearance pass and customs clearance:
    • CHF 60 for a value of goods of < CHF 1'000
    • CHF 120 for a value of goods of ≥ CHF 1'000 and < CHF 2‘000
    • CHF 180 for a value of goods of ≥ CHF 2'000 provided that a clearance pass has been issued; in case of a conventional customs clearance, the effective costs are charged
  • Shipping costs depending on weight, volume and priority of the shipment

If you pick up the goods directly, then we need the copy of the free pass or the customs export licence. Otherwise, we will be charged for VAT which we will pass on to you.

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