Verification trucks

METAS owns two 40 t verification trucks which are used throughout of Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. The verifications trucks are equipped with calibrated 500kg loads which can be rolled as well as stacked. These vehicles and their operators can be rented by weighting bridge manufacturers or for any other purposes.

All the vehicles are equipped with a rear crane in order to facilitate the loading and unloading without the need of additional equipment. In the case of small work area, it is possible to raise the last axis on the 40t verification truck.


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Verification truck, 5 axels


length 11.6 m

width 2.57 m

heigth 3.55 m

turning radius ca 20 m

crane: 14.6 m with 500 kg

40 weights to 500 kg

Verification truck 40 t, semi-trailer


length 12.9 m 

width 2.55 m

heigth 3.45 m

turning radius ca 15 m

crane: 12.5 m with 900 kg

44 weights to 500 kg

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Verification trucks
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