Time and frequency


Time and frequency are the quantities which can be realized with the highest level of accuracy, and the base unit second plays consequently an important role in the international system of units (SI). The laboratory photonics, time and frequency is in charge of the realization and of the dissemination of the Swiss official time and of all other derived quantities, such as frequency and time intervals.

With our calibration and measurement services we help industry and research in their quest for reliable and accurate measurement.

In order to keep up with the pace of development, we are constantly refining our measurement facilities. With this aim in mind, we conduct various research and development projects.  



With our calibration services, we ensure that your time and frequency instruments are traceable to the national measurement standards.

Our calibration certificates are recognised internationally. For this purpose, we operate a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Time dissemination services

METAS is responsible for the dissemination of the Swiss official time and is offering for that purpose free access to a series of NTP (Network-Time-Protocol) servers, allowing a proper synchronization of clocks and of computer systems with the international time scale via internet.


Should you have any specific metrology needs to address in time and frequency, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are also offering dedicated calibration courses upon request.

Research and development

With the aid of research and development projects, we keep our measurement facilities and expertise at the forefront of technology. We thus ensure our ability to offer the required services and promote innovation in the years to come. In the course of this we work with other metrology institutes, universities and industry. We are involved in a number of European projects as part of the EMPIR research program.

As a research partner of Innosuisse (Swiss Innovation Agency) we cooperate in Innosuisse projects. We are interested in a collaboration with industry.



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