METAS – the place with the most accurate measurements in Switzerland

The Federal Institute of Metrology METAS serves as the federal centre of competence for all issues related to measurement and for measuring equipment and measuring procedures.

It is the Swiss national metrology institute. As such, its mandate is to ensure the availability in Switzerland of measurement and testing facilities with the degree of accuracy needed to meet the requirements of the economy, research and administration.

It fulfils its mandate in collaboration with third parties: In legal metrology with the verification laboratories as well as the cantons and their verification officers; in the dissemination of units with its designated institutes.

METAS stands at the cutting edge of measurement accuracy in Switzerland. It develops the national measurement base, that is to say it looks after the physical implementation, mutual comparison and thus the international recognition of measurement units. For this purpose, it operates the necessary laboratories and conducts the necessary research and development. It implements the Metrology Act; its other tasks are defined in the Federal Act on the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology.

METAS is located in Wabern (Commune of Köniz) near Bern.

Last modification 26.06.2024

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Federal Institute of Metrology METAS
Lindenweg 50
CH-3003 Bern-Wabern
T +41 58 387 01 11

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