Keeping a finger on the pulse of smart grids: PMU

Fluctuating wind and solar energy can cause the energy flows in the electricity grid to change dramatically within a matter of seconds. Reducing the risk of a power blackout calls for ever closer monitoring of the electricity grid. This is increasingly being carried out by so-called phasor measurement units (PMUs), tested and calibrated by METAS. At the same time, METAS is continuing to expand its metrological infrastructure for the use of smart grids.

So-called phasor measurement units (PMUs) play a major role in monitoring the electricity grids of the future (smart grids). PMUs monitor the amplitude and phasing of electricity and current in the grid. This information is necessary for grid stabilisation, in order to ensure that the reliability of the grid remains at the accustomed level in the years to come.

METAS is conducting research in order to develop methods and instruments for accurate measurement of energy flows, grid stability and grid quality. It offers traceable calibration of these instruments and is expanding the calibration services in this field in the coming years.


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