An advanced Measurement Uncertainty Calculator

METAS UncLib is a generic measurement uncertainty calculator developed by METAS as part of the VNA Tools II project. METAS UncLib is written in C# within the .NET framework. Software development is done by Michael Wollensack. 

Installer and Documentation

Available for download is the latest version of Metas UncLib including a wrapper library, which supports the use of METAS UncLib from MATLAB through the .NET interface. It allows the easy treatment of multivariate uncertainties with MATLABs syntactic sugar for vector and matrix calculations.

The end user license (PDF, 532 kB, 22.07.2020) of the software allows free use of the software whereas redistribution in any form is prohibited. Registration is voluntary but recommended. Registered users will be notified of upgrades, bug fixes and new developments.


Publications and Presentations

Last modification 22.07.2020

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