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Information for refugees from Ukraine – Інформація для біженців з України – Информация для беженцев из Украины.

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Integrating in a country is a lengthy process. So, to help you along the way, we’ve compiled a lot of useful information on life in Switzerland for those new to the country. It’s all here in this app. Welcome to Switzerland!


Female asylum seekers from Afghanistan can now be considered victims of both discriminatory legislation and religiously motivated persecution, and refugee status must be granted to them.

Asylum statistics for October

In October 2023, 3515 asylum applications were registered in Switzerland, 451 less than in the previous month (-11.4%). Compared to October 2022, the number of asylum applications increased by 307. The most important countries of origin were Turkey and Afghanistan.

Protection Status S has proved its worth

Protection Status S, which was activated for the first time after Russia's attack on Ukraine, has proved its worth overall. An evaluation group concludes that a collective solution was indispensable to relieve the Swiss asylum system.

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