Oberholzer investigation report

Following accusations by non-governmental organisations and the media, former federal judge Niklaus Oberholzer was commissioned by SEM to investigate whether violence is being systematically used in federal asylum centres. According to Oberholzer, this is not the case; fundamental and human rights are being respected. However, he recommends improvements concerning security.

The former federal judge Niklaus Oberholzer concludes in his report that undue coercion was used in individual cases in which criminal investigations had also been initiated. The accusation of systemic disregard for the rights of asylum seekers and of torture, however, is false and misleading. The incidents illustrate the difficult situations that security and support staff can be confronted with in the federal asylum centres.

Mr Oberholzer has made recommendations on how the situation concerning security could be further improved. He urges SEM to review the education and training of security staff and the filling of key security positions by SEM personnel. He also recommends that SEM defines more precise rules on the application of disciplinary measures and the use of 'reflection rooms'. SEM will examine the recommendations and implement them where possible.

In the run-up to the former judge's investigation, SEM also launched an internal audit on security processes and responsibilities. The results of the audit coincide on many points with the findings of Mr Oberholzer's investigation report.

Last modification 26.10.2021

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