Italy: Dublin transfers and readmission agreement

Due to the large number of refugees arriving in the country, in December 2022 Italy stopped accepting any asylum seekers it would normally be responsible for under the Dublin Regulation. This applies to all Dublin countries and will continue until further notice. However, Italy continues to take people back at the Swiss–Italian border in accordance with its bilateral readmission agreement with Switzerland.

The Dublin Regulation determines which state is responsible for processing an asylum application. Italy's decision to suspend Dublin transfers due to the high number of arrivals and resulting stress on the country's reception system applies to all European states, not just Switzerland. Together with other Dublin states, Switzerland is calling on the EU Commission to work towards resuming transfers to Italy. Switzerland is also in close bilateral contact with Italy at all levels. Italy has not given any indication or specific date as to when this temporary freeze will end.

Switzerland's bilateral readmission agreement (de, fr, it) with Italy aims to return people who are not legally resident in Switzerland and have not applied for asylum here, and who entered Switzerland from Italy. People who do not meet the entry or residence requirements may be returned directly to the border in cases where the simplified procedure applies. Italy currently takes back between 10 and 30 people per day from Switzerland.

Last modification 15.05.2023

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