Permit G (cross-border commuter permit)

Permit G (cross-border commuter permit)

Cross-border commuters are foreign nationals who are resident in a foreign border zone and are gainfully employed within the neighbouring border zone of Switzerland. The term "border zone" describes the regions with have been fixed in cross-border commuter treaties concluded between Switzerland and its neighbouring countries. Cross-border commuters must return to their main place of residence abroad at least once a week.

Third-country nationals will only be given a cross-border commuter G-permit, if they have a permanent residence permit in a neighboring country. They also need to have had their residence in the neighboring country’s border zone for at least six months and fulfill the labor market requirements. G-permits are usually valid for one year, and are limited to the border zone of the issuing canton. Third-country border commuters require permission to change jobs or occupations.

This permit does not serve as evidence of the holder’s identity.

AA19 Permit G (cross-border commuter permit)

Last modification 09.09.2022

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