In two separate programmes – ‘Mise au point’ of 14 August and ‘19h30’ of 15 August 2022 – Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) ran reports on the protective measures and investigations carried out in the wake of death threats against former Council of States member and former deputy of the Council of Europe Dick Marty. In these reports, it was alleged that that an informant who called attention to the death threats had been unmasked due to a mistake by fedpol.

fedpol wishes to clarify that this assertion is false.

fedpol submitted a request for information regarding several individuals to various European police services via INTERPOL. At no time did the request mention Mr Marty by name or detail the background to the request. Nor did it mention an informer or refer to any person as such.
fedpol proceeded in line with the standards of international police cooperation. The exchange of information between police services is crucial for identifying and prosecuting criminals.

A request for information is a common instrument used in international policing. It is a standardised enquiry to other authorities as to whether certain persons, vehicles or objects are listed or known to the police, or whether the latter have any information in this regard. The context is only described in very general terms, if at all.

fedpol cannot disclose any further information on the case as this would compromise the effectiveness of protective measures and endanger the ongoing investigation.

Last modification 17.08.2022

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