Alcohol is no ordinary consumer product. Because it may have a negative impact on psychological and physical health, its production, sale and consumption are strictly controlled. Accurate, independent and thorough alcohol analyses are therefore paramount.

In the alcohol analysis laboratory, we conduct chemical, physical and sensory analyses:

• industrial alcohol
• spirits
• denaturants
• alcoholic products

Clients for these services are the Swiss Alcohol Board for the determination of the fiscal burden, Alcosuisse for the quality assurance of their alcohol deliveries and also private customers.

We are committed to a high quality and timely analysis. With this aim in mind, we conduct various research and development projects. In the course of these, we focus on providing proof of authenticity of the alcoholic products.



The accredited specialist department "Alcohol" offers a comprehensive portfolio of analyses for alcoholic products as well as other services. Each year, more than 500 samples or 18,000 individual analyses are carried out.

Alcohol analyses

We conduct chemical, physical and sensory analyses of ethanol, spirits, denaturants and other alcoholic products. Clients for the analyses are the Swiss Alcohol Board, Alcosuisse and private customers.

Other services

We conduct the physical analyses and maintenance of sensors in the hydrological measurement networks on behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment.

We are responsible for national type approval and calibration of measurement instruments for the determination of the alcohol strength of spirits.


If you have any questions concerning our services or need advice, we will be pleased to help. Contact us without obligation.


Summary of the current course programme.

Research & Development


In order to be able to maintain our analytical services at the highest level of quality and offer them in timely manner in the years ahead, we update our infrastructure on an ongoing basis. Our priority is the replacement of time-consuming wet chemical analysis methods by modern automated measuring devices. The appropriate measurements methods are generally developed inhouse.

Agricultural products with a defined designation of origin achieve a considerable added value (AOC, IGP, Swissness). We develop methods for proof of authenticity for agricultural products. In an initial stage, we are developing these for alcoholic products where we are able to fall back on a large collection of authentic samples.

Current projects

• Modern suspended matter analysis


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