Metrology courses

METAS offers periodically training courses in metrology targeted at the staff of calibration laboratories. However, not every course is offered each year.

Regarding your registration, please be aware that

  • registrations have to be sent to the course secretariat indicating the course title, name/first name, company, full postal business address and e-mail address
  • receiption of every registration is confirmed immediately by written, however, the binding confirmation of the participation is mailed out only after the registration deadline (indicated below for each course).

VNA Tools course (held at METAS, Switzerland)

VNA Tools II is free and supports most of the Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) in today’s market. The software simplifies your tasks of generating accurate measurement uncertainty and vindicating metrological traceability. The software is ideal for flexible and modular exter-nal VNA calibration, error correction algorithms, device control, graphical capabilities, and a project-based data analysis. Its speed and performance will optimize the measurement un-certainty computation and propagation through a measurement model in compliance with the ISO-GUM. The software is available for download. The three day course provides a practical and hands-on lesson with this superior and versatile software.

Additionally: VNA expert day. State of the art primary S-parameter traceability and how VNA Tools can support it (free for course participants).

Date: 25-27 April 2017
VNA expert day: 28 April 2017

Deadline: 31 March 2017

Price: CHF 2'762.00

Language: English

Grundlagen der Messunsicherheit

Der Kurs ermöglicht den Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern, ihren Messprozess selbstständig zu analysieren und ein fun­diertes und normenkonformes Messunsicherheitsbudget zu erstellen.

    A: 2.-3. Mai 2017    
    B: 22.-.23. August 2017

    A: 3. April 2017    
    B: 21. Juli 2017

Preis: CHF 1'600.00

Kurssprache: Deutsch

Grundlagen der Metrologie

Der Kurs richtet sich an Mitarbeitende von Kalibrierlaboratorien und Prüfstellen. Er gibt eine Einführung in die Metrologie und vermittelt Grundlagenwissen zur Umsetzung der wichtigsten technischen Normenforderungen der ISO 17025. Er bildet die Grundlage für die fachspezifischen Metrologiekurse am METAS.

Datum: 23. Mai 2017

Anmeldetermin:  24. April 2017

Preis: CHF 600.00

Kurssprache: Deutsch

EMC pulses measurement uncertainty

The course addresses employees of calibration and metrological laboratories and personnel of emc laboratories, who are required to perform pulse calibrations: examples are burst pulses, ESD pulses, surge pulses.

The participants will be able to determine the measurement uncertainty of pulse measurements according to metrological principles.

Additionally: Expert day „S-Parameters for EMC, Pulses +"

Date: 20 September 2017
Expert day: 21 September 2017

Deadline: 21 August 2017

Price: CHF 1'200.00 (first day)
           CHF 1'600.00 (both days)

Language: English/German/French

Cours de base en incertitude de mesure

Les participants sont capables d’analyser de manière indépendante leur processus de mesure et de réaliser un budget d’incertitude de mesure correct et conforme aux normes. 

Dates: 27-28 septembre 2017

Délai d'inscription:  28 août 2017

Coûts: CHF 1'600.00

Langue: Français

Grundlagen elektrische Kalibriertechnik

Der Kurs vermittelt die allgemeinen Grundlagen der Metrolo­gie sowie ausgewählte Kapitel der elektrischen Kalibriertechnik in Theorie und Praxis. Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer sind in der Lage, die entsprechenden Messungen korrekt durch­zuführen, auszuwerten und zu dokumentieren sowie die Mess­unsicherheit richtig abzuschätzen.

Daten: 29.-30. November 2017

Anmeldetermin:  30. Oktober 2017

Preis: CHF 1'600.00

Kurssprache: Deutsch

Other metrology courses

The following courses are not scheduled yet. However, you may send us an e-mail to show your interest for a course. We will then contact you as soon as the course will be on offer.

The course addresses to employees of calibration and emc testing laboratories, performing pulse calibrations: examples are burst pulses, ESD pulses, surge pulses. The participants will be able to determine the measurement uncertainty of pulse measurements according to metrological principles.
Participants are expected to have an engineering background. 

Metrological principles of measurements and calibrations in selected fields of RF & Microwave are presented in theory and practice.

Training for verification officers

The next training for verification officers will start in January 2017.

For further informations, please refer to the pages in German or French.

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