Requests for information on entries in fedpol databases and for correction or deletion of data

fedpol operates various information systems. These include:

  • RIPOL – Nationwide search system for national and international police alerts 
  • IPAS – Register of incoming messages and information (e.g. information exchange with INTERPOL, fingerprint data, etc.) 
  • HOOGAN – Database on people involved in violence at sporting events and on measures imposed 
  • N-SIS – National Schengen Information System
  • JANUS – Information system of the Federal Criminal Police
  • GEWA – Data of the Money Laundering Reporting Office MROS

Every person has the legal right to inquire whether any of the fedpol databases contains information on them. You can submit a request either for yourself or on behalf of someone else using the form below.

Requests for information are submitted and answered in writing; for the N-SIS information system it is possible to submit the request by using an online form:

Last modification 27.02.2023

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